Houses with unique pool slides

24 October 2023

Creating a striking pool slide feature 

Houses with pool slides are a great entertainment feature for those privileged to have a pool in their houseFunction and form are important, but you can also use playful and creative pool designs and sizes to build a feature out of it. Here are a few things to consider when looking at houses with pool slides, as well as a few examples of houses with pools using minimal windows.

A statuesque slide to pool in luxury house

Rafael de Cárdenas of Architecture at Large collaborated with London architecture office Purcell to design the pool house for the owners of a mid-19th-century manor

Creating a unique and statuesque pool slide design can turn your house with pool into an exciting water playground. Let’s ‘dive in’ to explore some creative and unique statuesque pool slide house designs. 

House with Spiral Pool Slide 

A house with spiral pool slide, as seen above in Dezeen adds an element of excitement with its unique statuesque shape. A pair of symmetrical fibreglass slides spiral down towards the surface of the water at this pool house designed for an English country house by New York architect Rafael de Cárdenas. Its users can spiral down as they slide into the water, creating a fun twist on a traditional house with a pool slide. 

House with Glass Pool Slide

Curved frameless glass to house with pool slide

A house with a glass pool slide incorporates transparent sections offering a thrilling sensation of sliding through the air with uninterrupted views of the pool and to the surrounding verdant green through stunning frameless curved glass by minimal windows. 

Some houses with statuesque pool slide designs combine double slides for racing or dueling with friends and family with interactive slides with features such as lights, sounds, or water jets that can be fully controlled, creating an interactive and engaging experience. 

Underwater pool slide house with glass window

Houses with underwater pool slides that goes beneath the water's surface before emerging at the pool's edge, create a unique underwater experience. Designing houses with underwater pool slides coupled with underwater glass windows creates an exciting new immersive dimension, literally turning the world on its head!  The underwater glass element draws in more light for increased visibility on the underwater slide adding to the immersive experience.  Structural glass adds a minimal aesthetic, and deemed to be a luxurious design element to houses with pools, however structural glass in pool designs can also facilitate swimming instructors to observe swimming techniques. Heated glass is typically used out of the water as its inherent heating elements eliminate fogging and mould. 

Structural glass to luxury house pool

IQ Glass International regularly works on houses with opulent swimming pool design using structural frameless glass creating  immersive experiences that make you feel 'suspended' in mid air. 

Regardless of age, slides add fun to any pool house. The fun element actively contributes to feeling of joy and wellbeing, so its no wonder that it transfers to the commercial world too.  If you consider the trendiest work spaces, innovative and motivational design underpins workplace productivity and funApple and Ticketmaster are good examples of slides in offices.  

Are you working on an ambitious full home design project with a requirement for a fun pool or dedicated wellness space?Contact the team today to arrange a visit to Sky House Design Centre.



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