House 19 - RIBA Award Winner

11 August 2016

House 19 Brings Together Premier Suppliers from Sky House Design Centre.

This contemporary family home in Buckinghamshire was designed by JESTICO + WHILES architects and brought together a team of premier suppliers from the Sky House Design Centre.

House 19 is a two storey home within a suburban area in an old town in Buckinghamshire with fairly ordinary looking homes surrounding it. 

RIBA Award Winning House 19

The contemporary new build has been cladded in a burnt cedar cladding, Shou Sugi Ban --the ancient Japanese art of burning timber-- to provide a beautiful and long lasting finish to the home. The front elevation hides a fabulous inner courtyard and a very well-lit house which is very white in contrast to the exterior.

The frameless picture windows added onto this home were designed by the team at IQ Glass . These picture windows extend the contemporary look of this home. The sliding doors of the home were the ultra-thin minimal windows by IQ Glass . By having minimal framed windows, the home owners achieve the perfect amount of lighting and ventilation as well as merging the inside of the home with fantastic views of the outside.

RIBA Award Winner House 19

The project went on to win the prestigious RIBA South Award 2016. The careful consideration given to the impact of the building on the site was enough for it to be considered for the RIBA Award. Reducing the height on the southern elevation to a single storey by means of an eccentrically pitched roof form. The southerly roof can be used to maximise the incorporation of photovoltaic cells both now and in the future - integration is subtle and elegant. The sustainability strategy is well thought through and works (ground source heat pump, earth tube vent system, low U-values) without resorting to a room full of technology.

It has a planted ecology roof which will be a visual amenity when seen from the properties on the west side. Exterior Solutions have added to the sense of quality of what lies within: the beautifully detailed Corten™ canopy and the flint work. 

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