Homeowners spending to extend: a rise in home extensions

24 March 2022

More homeowners are staying put and investing money in renovation projects, with a record number of planning applications.

The global pandemic forced millions of homeowners all over the world to consider their surroundings, with many UK residents opting to move house once restrictions were lifted. Now that some time has passed, The Times has reported that there has been a record number of planning extensions approved in 2021 and we are now seeing a move towards home improvements or extensions instead of moving.

contemporary rear home extension with oversized sliding glass doors

Many homeowners were able to save money through the pandemic and are ow choosing to invest those savings back into their home. Having spent more time in the home than ever before, it was easy to notice things you like and things you don’t like about your home and surroundings. Where more space is needed or desired, home extensions and complete renovations can help to extend the useable space or simply redesign the layout to create a more functional space.

curved glass extension with wood exterior cladding

Now only were a record number of applications put in for planning, but a record number of applications were also approved in the last year, allowing home extension projects and renovations to go ahead. The top places to gain approval for extensions were St Albans and Three Rivers, with these districts making up over 3% of all approved planning applications in the country. The biggest surge for planning applications was in the North East of the UK, with applications rising 47% in 2021, compared to 2020.

internal view of minimal glass extension with frameless up and over glazing

With almost 250,000 planning applications approved between September 2020 and September 2021, it’s no surprise there has also been a rise in demand for glass extensions. Glass extensions not only bring a contemporary edge to traditional architecture but are also the most likely to be approved in planning applications due to the minimal design and flexible nature of glazing.

small glass box extension with frameless glass walls and slim framed sliding doors

Structural glazing can be used to engineer glass box extensions, side infill extensions and garden rooms. IQ Glass developed their own structural glazing system, which was the UK’s first fully thermally broken structural glass system. The adaptable nature of structural glass means that bespoke designs can be achieved with very few limitations on shape, size or structure. From floor to ceiling glass walls to full glass roofs, modern extensions can enhance the natural light in residential dwellings.

home extension with sliding glass doors in an opening corner, pocket door configuration - with Tigg Coll Architects

The possibilities with home extensions are endless, with a huge number of opening elements available to integrate within the new extension. Slim framed sliding door systems can be specified on a large scale, whilst specialised configurations such as pocket doors, which slide invisibly into hidden wall cavities, can be used to achieve completely open apertures. When planning  home extension, functionality must be carefully considered to ensure the space fits the individual needs of the homeowners.

double height home extension with tall sliding glass doors

Despite the stamp duty holiday, which saved buyers as much as £15,000, home extensions and renovations are still often favoured by homeowners. After being confined to the home for many months throughout the pandemic, indoor outdoor living has become a huge trend that renovation projects have sought to incorporate. An indoor outdoor style of living, or biophilic design, can be achieved through the use of glazing. Large elevations of frameless or slim framed glazing can be used to forge a better connection to nature, whilst large glass door systems can provide direct garden access and increase the functionality of gardens.

steel look home extension with double opening pivot doors

If you are planning a home extension or renovation project, visit the Sky House Design Centre to find everything you could need and more. A visit to the design centre will help you visualise your home extension, showing you the endless possibilities and integrations that you could specify to create the perfect space for you. Get in touch with us here to book your visit.

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