Hidden handle doors in the NextGeneration Slider

8 December 2023

Hidden handle doors with soft open close function for the ultimate sliding glass door system

NGS (NextGeneration Slider) by Keller minimal windows UK is the new approach to minimal framed sliding glass doors boasts the slimmest of frame profiles with innovative hidden handle doors with soft close opening that sit flush inside the interlock of the frame for the ultimate minimal sightlines.  

Typically, the locking edge of the sliding door is visible, slightly protruding from the wall. However, with the hidden handle doors, the entire locking profile recesses into the wall, leaving only glass on display.   

The minimal windows NGS Hidden Handle from IQ Glass Group on Vimeo.

Opening the sliding glass door could not be easier; simply press a small button which slides the door slightly open and out of the wall, hold the profile, and open manually as normal. When closing, close the door as normal and the small drive will pull the sliding leaf fully closed and hide the handle completely flush with the wall.   

Are you looking to achieve minimal sightlines with 99.3% of the entire frame concealed? 

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