Hampstead Home

28 November 2016

Case Study of Hampstead Home featuring a Spiral UK staircase

It can be quite difficult to gain extra light in a London home and so most projects in this area will normally include a rooflight or conservatory into the designs to achieve this added natural light. However, the homeowners of this Hampstead home started from scratch, building a beautiful, light-filled home behind a brick façade in a conservation area.

Two of our tenants at the Sky House Design Centre, IQ Glass and Spiral UK, were both a part of the creation of this beautiful traditional brick home in Hampstead. IQ Glass installed a large glass sliding doors onto the rear of this home as part of the floor-to-ceiling glass box. These glass sliding doors flood the living area with natural light and provide incredible views of the garden with no obstruction due to the slim 21mm framing.

Spiral UK - Hampstead Home

The glass sliding doors on this glass box extension create an indoor-outdoor living space and an easy access route between the two spaces. This is ideal for the warmer summer months as it allows the family to enjoy their new garden.

The main focus of this home is the cantilevered glass-and-oak central staircase, manufactured and installed by Spiral UK. This set of stairs starts in the basement games room and follows up to the top acting as a focal point and a light shaft. Using glass as the balustrades creates a strong security barrier as well as still allowing impressive amounts of light to pass through from the rooflights to the rest of the home. The integrated glass also creates the illusion that the staircase and each step are floating.

Spiral UK - Hampstead Home

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