Hammersmith Smart Home Automation by Indigozest

28 November 2016

Indigozest offer the latest technology for smart, home automation systems. This allows home owners to easily manage all electrical actions within their home from one remote such as an iPad.

Indigozest - Hammersmith - Martyn Tott Film and Photography

Indigozest provided the perfect smart home automation systems to this four storey town house in West London. A new basement and extension were built, with skylights placed where possible. Skylight openers were installed to allow the home owners to control the skylights with a switch plate with an integrated rain sensor so they automatically shut in the rain. LED lights were also installed, providing each skylight with a different colour by the touch of a button.

Indigozest - Hammersmith - Martyn Tott Film and Photography

Various lighting controls were installed throughout the house which are controllable from both light switches and iPads. Having both of these controls provides ease of use from all around the home. LED lights were placed in light wells in the kitchen with colour changing controls for fun and ambience. Focused spotlights were installed into the skirting in the hallway to provide night and mood lighting. Although dim, these lights provide the perfect amount of night time lighting for guiding your way down the stairs and into the ground floor living areas.

TV and sound systems were integrated with hidden ceiling speakers in the living room, kitchen and top floor with controls to allow the home owners to listen to music or TVs in separate rooms.

Indigozest - Hammersmith - Martyn Tott Film and Photography

An alarm and CCTV security system was installed and integrated into the lighting control system so that lights can be turned on and off by the alarm system motion sensors based on room occupancy and time of day.

Automated blinds were installed into the bedrooms and were scheduled to close at sunset and open at sunrise. These blinds also have a changeable mode for the weekends to allow the home owners to have a lie in.

Indigozest - Hammersmith - Martyn Tott Film and Photography

Book a showroom visit to the Sky House Design Centre to see how Indigozest can integrate smart home automation systems into your home. With automated blinds, lighting controls, TV and sound systems and the new Amazon Echo on display, you are able to test and try each system to see which would best suit your home. Contact Indigozest on 01923 88 39 79 or info@indigozest.co.uk to book your visit or for any enquiries.

Photography credit to Martyn Tott Film and Photography.

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