Grants Blinds: New Project

3 February 2024

Grants Blinds installed the blind and curtain systems to this luxury new build, which featured sloping windows.

This contemporary new build was designed to maximise the views of the rural countryside from within the home, with large slim framed glazing systems on every elevation.

Grants Blinds was specified, to offer a shading solution that did not interfere with the minimal design. A range of concealed blind systems and recessed curtain tracks were installed throughout the new build, to offer optional shading and privacy.

Minimal kitchen with concealed blinds in opening corner configuration

When the concealed blind systems are open, they are completely invisible, allowing the homeowners to maintain uninterrupted views through their minimally framed glazing. Even in the kitchen, where corner-opening sliding glass doors are installed, the concealed blinds have been configured to perfectly fit the corner.

The curtains were specified to add a softer edge to the lounge area, with recessed tracks to maintain the clean aesthetic that ruins through the whole house. The curtain tracks have an extremely minimal track, with only a line visible where the material meets the ceiling finishes.

Living room with recessed curtain tracks

The curtain track goes around a corner, which Grants Blinds have engineered to ensure multiple curtain tracks and fixings were not needed. When closed, the curtains stack neatly to one side of the living room, having minimal impact on the interior design scheme.

The main advantage to having bespoke blind and curtain systems is the ability to suit any glazing design. With endless possibilities, these blinds and curtains have been designed with specific window and door systems in mind.

Concealed blinds to floor to ceiling windows

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