German Shaker Style Kitchen from Watermark

11 June 2020

‘Shaker Style’ kitchens are characterised by their ‘unfussy’ design. The designs of these kitchens tend to be crafted, simple and functional.  Thanks to their unpretentious designs, Shaker style kitchens are very timeless and suit lots of different house types.

German kitchens are precision engineered and are known for being very high quality. The design of German kitchens focuses on cutting edge contemporary design most often featuring handle-less cupboards and ensuring a minimal and clutter-free finish.

The design traits of a timeless crafted kitchen and a high precision minimalist kitchen may seem opposites but the design team at Watermark were able to expertly integrate both design types together in this modern kitchen design.

Modern shaker style kitchen

The kitchen cabinetry uses minimal panelled doors made from solid ash. The simple design to the doors offers a minimalist and modern design without making the wide expanse of cabinets too stark and lifeless. All the cabinet doors are finished in a Pearl Grey colour which works well with the other tones within the kitchen.

Some integrated shelving was designed into the large cabinet wall. These areas were finished with a natural timber look for contrast against the light grey cabinets.

Moving away from a handle-less German kitchen design, each cabinet door was finished with a handle from Crofts & Assidner. These modern handles were slim and unfussy, working well with the effortless minimal design.

Pearl grey kitchen cupboard doors with minimal handles

A central island within the kitchen was topped with 20mm polished Silestone in a ‘Snowy Ibiza’ finish. Silestone is a great worktop surface for busy kitchens thanks to its durability and keys into the shaker kitchen design requirement to be simple yet functional.

The white worktop colour contrasts well with the light grey cabinetry and helps reflect light from the embedded LED strip lights in the ceiling. With a low ceiling such as that seen on this project, a white kitchen surface helps reflect light and makes the kitchen feel larger and more open.

The end of the worktop extends into a cantilever to create a small seating area at the end of the kitchen island. Integrating seating within kitchen designs is great for open plan kitchen/dining spaces or entertainment kitchens.

Contemporary kitchen island with integrated seating area

All appliances were built into the kitchen structure, mimicking the German design for minimalism. They included a single oven, microwave combi oven, induction hob and a hidden downdraft extractor. The fridge, freezer and dishwasher were all integrated into the kitchen cabinetry creating a simple and effective kitchen design.

This kitchen was expertly designed and installed by the team at Watermark Kitchens. Speak to them about the kitchen design on your current projects. They are able to take size, specifications, client desires and budget into account to create a kitchen perfect for your project.

Visit their exhibitor page for more information and to get in touch with their expert team of designers.

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