Gable End Glazing

23 June 2023

How to incorporate gable end and awkward shaped glazing into your home design.

Gable end glazing is when the gable within a pitched roof structure is filled with glass. IQ Glass often use frameless structural glass to achieve the most minimal design that allows the maximum amount of natural light into the space. Gable end glazing is a popular choice for loft extensions looking to create light filled top floors and creating luxury interior designs in double height spaces.

Although roof pitches are commonly triangular, the beauty of using structural glazing is the ability to create completely bespoke designs that are not restricted in shape, size or structure. Invisio, the in house structural glazing system designed and developed by IQ Glass, is the first fully broken structural glazing system in the UK and is perfect for shaped glazing installations.

Gable end glazing in contemporary new build, shot at dusk

It is important to consider the performance values of any glazing installation and this is particularly important in loft glazing, as this area of a house is generally more affected by extreme weather conditions due to the reduced levels of insulation. Thermally broken glass helps to achieve comfortable living temperatures that are suitable for year round use, eliminating the risk of heat loss through the glass.

Slim framed aluminium systems can be specified in gable end window configurations, for a coherent exterior design where other slim framed aluminium systems are used across the same elevation. The range of high quality window systems from Sieger can be specified in conjunction with gable end glazing, All aluminium frames can be powder coated in any RAL colour, to match or contrast other glazed elements on the facade design.

New build home with gable end window in loft conversion space

Gable end windows are often specified in conjunction with other glazing systems, such as above sliding glass doors or in a double height arrangement with a mix of opening and fixed windows. This maximises the natural light flow into the home whilst creating a highly glazed design, perfect for luxury new builds.

A range of technical glass solutions can be specified on any gable end glazing including solar control coatings, which are used to control the solar gain and eliminate the risk of solar glare, again resulting in enhanced functionality.

Beachfront properties with gable end glazing in highly glazed façade designs

Where solar shading or privacy is a concern, Grants Blinds can engineer bespoke bind systems to accompany shaped and gable end windows. The luxury blind makers can even design concealed blinds for gable end windows that only reveal themselves at the click of a button, or at a pre determined time.Whatever the shape size or design requirements, IQ Glass are on hand to discuss your next project. When you visit the showroom you can see a number of their luxury glazing systems on display in an array of configurations and designs.

Get in touch with us here to discuss incorproating a gable end window in your next project. 

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