Front Door Security Options

26 September 2016

When buying a new front door, one of the key aspects to consider is the safety and security that comes with the door. 

There are various ways to ensure a great amount of security is applied to your front door. 

The amount of security you will need can depend on the area you live in. If you live in a reasonably safe area then it may not be useful to install a major security door system. The easiest and most common front door security is a lock or a deadlock. However, there are many other options that may suit your preferences better.

If you live in an area that is more high risk to break ins then you may want to install a motorised locking system that locks the door as soon as you enter your home. Urban Front doors come with a 5point locking system as standard however, you are able to specify which locking system best suits your lifestyle.

An electric hatch on your lock can be installed if you have a large house and need to open the door for other people when you are not nearby. Although this is possible, it is more secure to have a motorised lock than it is to have an electric hatch.

One of the easiest options when thinking about door security is to have an entry system that is attached to your phone where you are able to control your front door no matter where you are. Technology is rapidly advancing allowing you to open and close your blinds, turn on your heating and now you are able to open the front door without needing to be anywhere near it.

If you have children who are constantly forgetting their keys it is probably a good idea to install a finger print entry system. With this system, you can enter or remove up to 100 finger prints at a time, helping you to keep track of who you are allowing into your home. An entry system with a screen can also be installed so you are able to see who is waiting outside for you without them being able to see you.

Another way of ensuring the security of your home, without worrying about a locking system, is to install a letterbox. Installing a letterbox stops people walking by knowing whether you are home or not, if you were to have a pile of post on your front porch they would know no one is in. When installing a letterbox it is best to install this away from the middle of your door as it is much easier for an intruder to access the lock this way. 

Another option for keeping your home safe is to use high security glass on your front door, this style of glass is much tougher than the standard laminated or toughened glass, although this option can be quite costly

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