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17 November 2014

Designing the perfect entrance way to give the right welcome

The entrance way into your home is normally the first impression of your space that any visitors receive. It is a place that will be visited most frequently, be passed through most often and is an important part of any design or renovation project.

Key factors in creating a welcoming entrance way is to keep it clutter free, furniture used within these spaces should be sparse and functional, keep the area full of natural light and decorate it well.

The front door is the access into the entrance way and your home, it is likely to be used multiple times a day so is not an element of your budget to scrimp on. A bespoke front door in timber offers a timeless look so it works well with contemporary schemes as well as traditional builds, the range of timber available to use on a front door are wide ranging and it can be overwhelming when faced with the options available!  

“The style of house and colour of brick or render can influence the choice of wood to a large degree,” explains Agata at Sky House. “The more red a brick the less likely you would match it to Iroko, for instance, which is quite red itself.   White or cream render lends itself to nearly any colour wood but then on the other hand if the windows are a different colour like grey or green you’d need to consider this when choosing the wood too. A very popular colour-way at the moment is white render with dark grey windows and a European Oak door. Here three colours that work fortunately together create a stylish effect”.

For natural light ingress into the space it is not advised to use a glass door as a primary access door, instead consider the use of glass around the doorway in frameless glass side panels or over lights. For a striking entrance way consider creating a double height space with full height glass walls .

The decoration of these internal entrance ways will depend on the size of the space, many city properties are not afforded a large amount of space and you don’t want to overpower a small space with an overly complex colour scheme. A bright welcoming colour such as red works well as a feature wall or consider the use of mirrors or pictures to create an interesting design aspect.

Don’t overlook security - Door entry systems are great for larger properties where the front gardens are large. Flush keypads can be installed into entrance ways so that home owners and residents have direct control over who enters the home.

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