Ferndale: A seamless outdoor space

1 November 2017

Exterior Solutions created an outdoor space with the use of their product Shou Sugi Ban that created a seamless extension into the surrounding garden as all the elements of nature are captured within this unique charred timber cladding, ensuring the outdoor space seamlessly flows with its tranquil settings.

The design of the outdoor space incorporated a focal point with the use of a projecting window seat that delivered clear views of the garden in which the homeowner was able to gaze upon their Japanese Acer tree. The use of the charred timber cladding will blend itself with the harmony of the surrounding garden without disturbing the existing aesthetics.

The garden is mature and has a central Magnolia Soulangeana ‘Alba Superba’ which shelters the decking which flows from the façade of the dark wooden cladding. Surrounded by various Japanese maple trees and the fiery red crocosmia lucifer… An aesthetically pleasing garden.

Exterior Solutions

The cladding structure, a treated C16 pine fixed with stainless fixings hides the guttering and downpipe, an exterior garden tap and a cat flap tunnel arrangement. The Siberian Larch cladding was surface fixed with stainless fixings. The soffit boards and window reveals were also trimmed with Charred timber manufactured as a special order whilst the project was onsite. This allowed for exact dimensions to be taken and the timber was delivered the next day to allow the project to complete on schedule.

Karl Harrison said “I love the contrast between the black shear of the façade against the Thuja Plicata Western Red Cedar trellis, I can’t wait to see this once it has turned grey, and this will complete the colour palette of black and greys. A beautiful design.”

Charred timber cladding is most commonly used for exterior application in most projects. However, internal use of the product is possible dependant on the correct timber and moisture content. The Shou Sugi Ban burnt timber cladding is created using the traditional Japanese process of burning timber faces to create a beautiful and durable timber finish. The result is a unique and textured decking or wall cladding material suitable for rustic or contemporary design finishes, which has been created for this project.

Shou Sugi Ban is manufactured in Amersham Exterior Solutions Ltd and has been since 2008. The Shou Sugi Ban burnt timber cladding is exclusive to Exterior Solutions who offer the largest range of finishes, timber species and can manufacture in almost any dimension. Exterior Solutions have supplied projects all over the globe. 

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