Expanding Living Spaces with Rooftop Extensions

4 July 2016

The most sort after addition to homes is with the addition of rooftop extensions

Basement extensions were traditionally the way to extend within conservation areas because it prevents damage to the external appearance of a building.

However, new guidelines introduced this year have put a restriction on basement extensions to single storeys and a ban for listed properties.

The most sort after addition to homes is with the addition of rooftop extensions, carving more living spaces out of their homes to make way for extra bedrooms, bathrooms and even outdoor space with terraces.

Hallam Street - Rooftop Extension

Designing Rooftop Terraces

The idea of an extension is to create more living space. However, adding external living space to extend offers great advantages; value added to property price, an appealing aesthetical design to a property and larger living spaces to entertain.

Tall city apartment blocks can incorporate outdoor living spaces with the use of pergolas and patio roof covers to allow the space to be used during all seasons. Umbris by IQ is based within the Sky House Design Centre and can help assist you in creating the perfect rooftop terrace.

Hallam Street - Rooftop Extension

Umbris is an all-weather patio roof system which is a perfect way to create an all year long living space without the need for planning permission. Controlling the louvres creating either a sunny or shaded patio, additional when the louvres are all interlocked and flat it creates a completely watertight patio roof.

Stay warm on your rooftop terrace with contemporary outdoor fireplaces by Urban Fires. Incorporating fireplaces or central fire pits into your design creates extended living spaces you can use all year long. Bespoke fireplace solutions are the epitome of luxurious contemporary outdoor living.

Hallam Street - Rooftop Extension

External kitchens can add to the outdoor living experience, Watermark Kitchens is another domain Sky House Design Centre works with. Fully equipped external kitchens can be designed around your outdoor space providing a rooftop extension to entertain family and friends.

Cranley Gardens - Rooftop Extension

Here at the Sky House Design Centre our members can help design your rooftop extension with so many services and products available all in one place.

Sky House Design Centre has its own dedicated aluminium windows and doors selector assisting you with the designing and installation process enabling access from the roof extension out onto the rooftop terrace. The thin aluminium framing works perfectly maximising the space in small openings and can be finished in any RAL colour to suit the contemporary design aesthetics desired.

Cranley Gardens - Rooftop Extension

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