Elevating wine cellar design

20 November 2023

Wine cellar design that transcends tradition 

In the realm of luxurious indulgence, the wine cellar stands as a testament to refined taste and sophistication. Beyond merely storing wine bottles, the modern wine cellar embodies elegance, functionality, and a seamless user experience. For the ultimate wine cellar design, leveraging internal thermally broken glass doors and automation can transcend cellars from traditional storage spaces to immersive environments that not only preserves, but also enhances the appreciation of fine wines. 

Internal glass doors to frame and preserve 

When tasked with wine cellar design that will both serve as a functional space to preserve bottle, but also serve as a focal point within a luxury home, beautiful internal glass doors can offer the most elegant of solutions allowing a captivating view of the exquisite collection within while maintaining a sense of separation. The transparency of glass doors presents a visually stunning display of the meticulously arranged bottles, evoking a sense of pride for wine enthusiasts. 

 Beyond the most minimal of aesthetics, the choice of internal glass doors , such as IQ Glass’s MIRO range, ensures proper insulation, safeguarding the wines from external elements such as temperature fluctuations and UV exposure. Tempered and insulated glass, often utilised within these wine cellar designs, strikes a delicate balance between showcasing the collection and providing the necessary protection for its contents. 

 The incorporation of sliding or pivoting glass doors adds a touch of elegance and convenience, optimising use of space within the cellar. The seamless operation of these doors enhances accessibility, allowing effortless entry into the cellar without compromising on its design integrity. 

Sophisticated wine cellar design

Home automation for convenience and control 

Innovation in wine cellar design goes to the next level when incorporating home automation for wine connoisseurs.  Just as you can search for your music playlists by genre or favourite composer, imagine being able to use your hand held device to actively search your wine by region, year, or grape, using automation to spotlight the wine, and in some cases, use automation to mechanically grab and extract a bottle to delight friends and family? Automated lighting systems can highlight the selected bottle as well as accentuate the beauty of the entire elevated wine cellar design. Dimmable LED lights, programmable to adjust intensity, season and colour, not only highlight the collection but also contribute to a captivating ambiance, perfect for intimate gatherings or solitary contemplation of wine selections. 

Lighting controlled wine cellar

IndigoZest programmed the lighting in this wine cellar as the client specifically chose RGBW linear so they could change the colours for seasonal occasions

Temperature and humidity control systems, often integrated with sensors, ensure optimal conditions for aging and preserving wines. These systems allow users to monitor and adjust settings remotely, providing peace of mind and preserving the integrity of the collection, even when away from home.

Residential lift to wine cellar

Slim modern residential lifts 

Another consideration when designing a wine cellar would be the inclusion of a slim profile home lift. Historically, wine cellars were built deep into the ground where the temperatures were cool and consistent throughout the seasons. Today, basements remain the optimum space to develop the ultimate wine cellar designs, and in multiple storey period properties, travelling a flight of two of stairs to collect a bottle from the cellar may prove a constant challenge and so, residential bespoke lifts offer a modern and sophisticated solution travelling below ground to the wine cellar.  

Wine cellar design with residential luxury lift

The evolution of wine cellar design transcends conventional storage solutions, embracing innovation to offer an unmatched user experience. Internal glass doors and home automation systems harmonise functionality and the look and feel, elevating the cellar into a sanctuary for wine enthusiasts. The fusion of technology and design not only safeguards the quality of the wines but also creates an immersive environment that celebrates the artistry of winemaking. As these advancements continue to evolve, the wine cellar becomes not just a storage space but a testament to the fusion of craftsmanship, innovation, and refined taste. 

 Are you working on a wine cellar design with a requirement of minimal elegant internal glass doors with smart home automation for that elevated user experience? Contact the team today to get started!  

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