Dont Move Improve! 2016

8 September 2016

The Turney Road project  was recently shortlisted for the award, with the sliding glass walls designed by  IQ Glass UK .

New London Architecture

A handful of projects have been shortlisted for Don't Move, Improve! 2016 showcasing some of the most innovative home extensions in London. 

Now in its sixth year, the competition received a record number of entries, demonstrating a strong desire for people to use the best designers to radically rethink the homes in which they live.

Organised in association with Dezeen, Heal’s and RIBA London, the awards seek out architectural innovation from extensions on top of, underneath, on the side or back of buildings, to interior insertions, conversions, and garden studios.  The Turney Road project  was recently shortlisted for the award, with the sliding glass walls designed by  IQ Glass UK .

The eye-catching contemporary glass extension was added to a family home in Putney, London using  minimally framed sliding glass doors  , enhancing the internal living environment of the property creating a large open plan living area. The glazed extension was planned as additional living and seating area to the rear of the house and connecting the small garden with the living space.

The indoor-outdoor vision for this home extension was created with minimally framed sliding glass doors used to the rear of the extension providing access to the garden in a neat, near frameless sliding door. Coupled with a flush base track and a frameless head detail, a seamless transition between both inside and outside living areas was achieved.
The surrounding glazed walls were constructed from frameless structural glass panels which enabled the living space to be flooded with natural light due to no framework being visible. The structural glass creates a clean design to this contemporary architectural design.

The refurbishment of the Victorian semi-detached house in South London saw the project entail the demolition of ground floor partitions and the construction of a new utility area, kitchen, dining and living area. A delicately constructed trellis allows deciduous planting to shade the interior in summer, shedding leaves to allow passive solar gain in winter.

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