Diverse internal glazing systems at Sky House

29 November 2023

Internal glazing systems play a pivotal role in defining the aesthetics, functionality, and ambiance of interior spaces. From windows to doors and curtain walls, the world of interior glazing offers a spectrum of styles that cater to different design preferences and architectural needs. IQ Glass's internal glazing systems showcase a diverse range at Sky House.  


Internal glass windows 

Windows are more than just openings in a wall, they are essential elements that bring in natural light, frame views, and enhance the overall appeal of a space. Showcasing various window styles like casement, awning, sliding, or fixed windows can highlight their distinct functionalities and design aesthetics. Displaying energy-efficient options with different framing materials demonstrate the versatility of internal glazing. 

MIRO hinge slim aluminium internal glass door

MIRO Internal glass door systems 

MIRO internal glazing door systems add a touch of sophistication and openness to interior spaces. MIRO Hinge Quad internal glass door system boasts minimal aluminium framing paired with high quality glazing that allows natural light to pass through whilst acting as a barrier between rooms. With a maximum height of 3200mm and uniform slim frame profile, this internal glass door system offers countless possibilities.  MIRO is all about the glass and the hinge door is renowned to be the pinnacle of internal glazing systems.


Frameless Glass Screens 

Glass screens and partitions offer great versatility in dividing living spaces whilst maintaining maximum natural light within a space. The slim frames add a touch of elegance. The IQ Glass range of internal frameless partitions can be made bespoke to suit the style and scale of any project.  
The style of partition can include panes of up to an impressive 6000mm wide and can be made with privacy glass and even heated glass which is a suitable internal glass system for spa and pool spaces.  

Internal sliding glass doors separating living room from home office

Internal glass sliding doors 

Internal glass sliding door systems by IQ Glass opens a world of possibilities.  The aluminium slim profile frames can be achieved in a steel look finish. Available in multiple configurations including bi-parting, pocket door with multiple panes. With such an expansive range of options,maximum light and use of space is guaranteed. All of the elegant internal glazing system applications can be seen installed at Sky House.

Internal bifolding doors

Internal glass bifolding doors

Internal glass bifolding doors are another bespoke offering used for partitioning and enhancing spaces.  Suitable for luxury modern interior schemes where flexibile spaces are key. The aluminium slim framed profile of the internal glass bifolding door is available with a choice of anodised finishes plus a steel finished look as the image above. 

MIRO Pivot door

Frameless internal pivot doors 

Frameless internal pivot doors are a contemporary and elegant addition to interior spaces. They offer the same maximum light ingress as sliding glass doors and hinged frameless glass door systems. The minimal framed glass pivot doors give the appearance of a hinged casement door until opened.  The internal glass pivot door system can be made in several configurations as a dingle feature or multiple opening doors for those looking to create the ultimate internal glass statement. Like all IQ Glass window and door systems, a choice of anodised frame finishes can be achieved.  

Whether you are looking for a design statement, acoustic treatment or privacy, a wide range of internal glazing systems can be seen at Sky House Design Centre, the UK’s largest architectural glazing and interior showroom. 

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