Designing Houses with Adequate Parking

27 April 2017

Create adequate parking and combat flood damage

When designing a new build one of the things you will need to consider is whether you have saved enough space for adequate parking. Adequate parking can be easily done with automated driveway gates or by some of the new home design innovations.

The innovations in home building design are increasing with the use of incredible technology. One of the latest, and incredible, ideas for providing a parking space for your home and to combat flood damage are the new ZEDpods.

The ZEDpod, also known as a micro-home, was built in the carpark of The BRE (Building Research Establishment). This home will be on display for two years for developers, authorities and potential buyers to view. Reducing the risk of flood damage to your home has been achieved with these £65,000 homes as they are designed to stand on stilts. As well as reducing the flood risk, adequate parking has also been made available for the homeowners.

ZEDpod Micro-Home

This housing solution was designed to create a comfortable, cheap home for nurses and teachers in towns. These incredible micro-homes are prefabricated and energy efficient, making use of the otherwise unused space.

For busier towns, these ZEDpods provide additional parking spaces for the homeowners. Tom Northway, director of ZED Pods Ltd, said: “Zed Pods is a unique solution to the UKs housing crisis. By utilising unused air space above car parks we can provide 1000’s of homes for key workers across the UK.”

Miles Watkins, BRE Business Development Director, commented on the latest addition “We need to look far beyond the conventional if we are to tackle the UK’s housing crisis and this concept is an outstanding example of what can be achieved by thinking creatively.”

If you are currently designing or redesigning your home it may be a good idea to consider designing your build upwards to create a space for parking below as there is often a lack of driveway space due to built up areas. By installing a taller house, you are saving land space, creating adequate parking space and combating flood damage all at the same time.

Find out more about the new ZEDpod here .

Automated Aluminium Driveway Gate

A cheaper and easier alternative to ensure you have adequate parking for your property is to install an automated driveway gate. Automated driveway gates are very versatile, allowing you to create a bespoke gate perfectly suited to you and your home.

A wide range of materials is available, allowing you to create a completely opaque barrier for your home. Other materials are available, Different properties will have different requirements depending on building regulations and the condition of your driveway. A wide range of gate automation is available as well as accessories.

Automated gates are the perfect way to provide adequate parking to your home as you are able to create a completely secure space for your vehicle as well as providing additional security to your home.

Steel Automated Gate

Contact IQ Gates if you're looking for a gate installer or want to find out more about how installing an automated gate can provide adequate parking. Call Gatekraft on 01494 611111 or email . To book a showroom visit to view range of gates Gatekraft have on display, please contact Sky House Design Centre on 01494 722880 or email .

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