Design Modern Houses with Bricks

7 June 2015

Brick the popular designers choice of building material

Brick house construction is a long standing design option for houses and commercial premises within the UK. Brick production dates back to almost 7000BC and has been the most popular building material in the UK since then.

Bricks are naturally durable and are highly suited to the UK’s damper climate. These building materials have an excellent inherent thermal performance, fire resistance and acoustic insulation and, as such, have never really lessened in popularity as designer’s chosen building material.

Traditionally, each town would have its own brick maker, using local materials and clay quarries to manufacture the town’s bricks. This led to a distinct difference in brick colour, texture and design throughout the countries regions, some of which can still be seen today.

In modern architecture brick facades can be used as a durable building façade material as well as creating a stunning building aesthetic and there are two main options for modern brick designs; wirecut (mass produced) or handmade.

Handmade bricks are all made individually so no brick is exactly the same. Each brick will have varying tones and textures and can be used to create a stunning external building façade.

Wirecut bricks are a much more cost effective option and, thanks to modern manufacturing processes, are available in a wide variety of colours and tones.

Modern house designs using bricks often mix this textured building material with contrasting façade finishes, such as glass or render, for a more interesting external building design. Slim framing to glass installations is prefered to minimise the break between building materials.

Exposed brick construction is not only constrained to external walls. An exposed internal brick wall can make a stunning accent wall, adding texture and an industrial focal point to any room. 

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