Corner to Corner Glazing

14 April 2021

See how this elegant glazing technique can transform your space.

Corner to corner glazing is a sleek, elegant way of introducing tonnes of natural light into a space. Benefitting both the interior and exterior design, this configuration can be achieved in a variety of ways to create light filled spaces within the home.

Corner to corner glazing on residential development project

The most minimal way to incorporate corner to corner glazing is with structural glazing. IQ Glass specialise in architectural glazing, achieving the most minimal glazing designs possible with the use of frameless glass and structural silicone. They can create entire walls of fixed glass, with only neat silicone joins visible between panes for completely uninterrupted views.

Sliding doors in a pocket door configuration, Tigg Coll Architects

Often corner to corner glazing is specified in previously forgotten areas of the home, such as stairwells. The interior design benefits hugely from this, creating light-filled staircases that can act as design features within the home.

Internal view of sliding doors opening corner

Corner glazing can also be engineered with slim framed sliding door systems, to create entire walls of moving glass. This method would mean there was a visible frame between the corner meeting profiles, but the glass would remain the primary feature. In some cases, a cantilevered roof structure is preferred over the corner opening sliding doors, offering shade to the space below.  

Sliding doors opening corner with cantilevered roof structure

The panoramah! sliding glass doors are on display at Sky House in an opening corner configuration, showcasing how oversized glazing can push architectural boundaries. When it comes to solar shading, it can be difficult to find the right solution for corner glazing configurations, without detracting from the minimal design. As a built-in solution, IQ Glass recommend solar control coatings on any south-facing glass installations.

panoramah! sliding doors opening corner glass box

If you are looking for something that offers privacy or a blackout solution, Grants Blinds have developed a blind system specifically to accompany corner opening sliding door systems. The corner zip roller blind has two components that can be zipped together to avoid having a gap between blinds. These blinds can be completely concealed within the building finishes, to leave the glazing clear when they are open.

Click this link to see the full range of concealed blinds from Grants Blinds 

Corner opening blinds with concealed zip

For concealed blind systems or any specialist blinds, design should be considered at the earliest possible stage of a project to ensure the suitability of the systems. IQ Glass offer flexible solutions that can be adapted to suit any specific design requirements. Simply get in touch with the team if you are considering corner to corner glazing for your next project.

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