Choosing the right exterior door design

26 May 2015

Exterior door design a crucial feature for new build homes

The exterior door design is a key design feature of any external elevation and is an important consideration when renovating or creating a new build home.

The materials used on the outside of your building will have a significant impact on the design and appearance of any external door design; every aspect like the windows, cladding, rendering, roof detailing and colour will need to be taken into account.

The first step in choosing the right exterior door for your build is the position and use of the door. Is it a main entrance or front door, a side access door or a rear patio door?

When considering the front door of a modern property aesthetic design is important. This is the first element of your design that will be seen on entrance to your home and acts as the face of your property.

Most modern front doors are minimal in their design and detailing with clean lines and square ironmongery. The functional aspect of a front door should be taken into account such as locks, door numbering and letter boxes but these can be designed into the appearance of a front door to create a neat overall finish.

Hardwood front doors from the Ingresso Range at IQ Glass can be up to 3m high with a massive range of designs and ironmongery options available. When choosing the right material for your front door IQ advise to also consider the position of the front door; is it exposed to the sun during the day? Will your door be exposed to extreme weathering? Does the door have an overhang or will it be exposed to lots of water?

European Oak or Iroko generally perform the best under tough weathering but a lacquered finish with UV protection to any hardwood door can last up to 6yrs if protected by an overhang.

Side doors are generally smaller, used mainly for access and are not normally overlooked. These doors can be much simpler in terms of design, often chosen with a simple aluminium frame to match the windows for a cohesive internal appearance. You could opt for a solid infill panel within the door or a translucent glass panel to allow light in but stop sight out onto uninteresting or unsightly views.

Aluminium casement door to smaller opening to side of sliding patio doors

Rear patio doors are generally framed glass doors. Modern design trends focus on merging the rear living areas with the rear gardens and glass doors are a great way of assisting this feeling. The options for opening types will depend on the opening size you are looking for – bi fold doors and large sliding doors are great for large openings whereas aluminium casement door or pivoting doors are perfect for single door openings.

Flush floor finishes inside to out are normally possible when used in conjunction with adequate flush drainage.

Modern frames for rear doors are normally aluminium. This modern framing material is durable, easy to maintain and can create a much slimmer frame than timber.

Aluminium bi fold doors to modern rear extension

Security is an important aspect for any external opening to a home. Read our article about security for exterior doors for more information.

Contact us with any queries about your front door design choices and aluminium patio and side doors. 

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