Camber Sands beach house with minimal windows sliding glass features in The Sunday Times

23 August 2023

Camber Sands is listed in The Sunday Times as one of the UK's most sought after Airbnb's

Camber Sands is a modern beach hut designed with large symmetrical glazing elevations by IQ Glass to fit the gable shape of the contemporary design with rooflights and minimal windows slim framed sliding glass doors that open out onto the dunes bringing in stunning sea views. 

Two symmetrical Camber Sands beach houses were designed by architects Walker and Martin with large elevations of marine grade glazing offering seamless transitions direct to the beach – one of which would become one of Airbnb’s most sought-after rental beach houses, The Blue House.  

Camber Sands house appeared on the wish lists of 3000 people last year, which is on par with rentals such as a tree house in Bali, or a cave dwelling in Santorini. We believe that the demand for this Camber Sands beach house lies more with the views gifted by the minimal windows slim framed sliding glass doors with sightlines of just 21mm, framing picture-perfect views of the sea and dunes to this dog-friendly Airbnb beach house. 

The challenges of constructing and installing large elevations of glass to Camber Sands beach house, (with drifting sand and salty air) have certainly paid off since this Airbnb beach house was also shortlisted for a RIBA South East Award. 

Are you looking to include beautiful slim framed glazing in your project?  Contact us to day and book a showroom visit!

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