Benefits of Installing a Fire Pit

21 September 2016

Garden furniture, heat and light is a very popular feature for most American homes

When thinking about renovating your home, the garden is normally the last area to be improved. To be able to make the most of your garden, especially in the winter months in the UK, installing a fire pit could be the best option.

Garden furniture, heat and light is a very popular feature for most American homes and the UK are slowly joining on to this trend. It'is said that fire features are the number one feature in garden design today, just ahead of outdoor lighting.

It's becoming very popular for many UK homes to want to expand on their kitchen  and other living areas by creating an  indoor-outdoor living space . One of the benefits of installing a fire pit would be that you could use your new outdoor living space throughout the year. This can create the perfect entertainment for your friends and family. Another benefit is the ambience it can bring to your garden, especially if you enjoy the outdoors and want to keep warm in the winter months.

Another positive for installing a fire pit is that it's unique to your home and can set your home apart from others. You are also able to choose how you would like your fire pit to burn. Urban Fires can provide fire pits that use bio-ethanol, burning gas or wood.  Urban Fires  manufacture and supply a wide range of bespoke weatherproof fire pits and fire tables, burning gas or bio-ethanol liquid fuel in a choice of finishes or materials.

Urban Fires have been featured on Grand Designs as well as other programmes so you can always rely on the best quality. The Sky House Design Centre have an Urban Fires showroom, if you are thinking of installing a fire pit or any other fireplace then don’t hesitate to get in contact and arrange a visit.

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