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13 November 2019

Bi-Folding Doors 

Bi-folding doors are also known as folding-sliding doors, which is a more literal description.  The modern glazed bi-folding doors are one of the most popular features in today’s homes, used to maximise the natural light coming in.  Sieger® Architektur systems offer the latest designs in modern architectural glazing which are manufactured bespoke to each project. 

What is a bi-folding door?
A bi-folding door is a casement, that usually opens outwards and connects with folding panels, that can neatly concertina together with slide open panels.

Are there different bi-folding door options?
Yes – The Sieger® Architektur Systems have 4 different types of bi-folding doors to choose from, the Sieger® Lux Bifold, Super Lux Bifold Door, 120 Bifold Doors and Legacy Bifold Doors.

Are these the slimmest in the market (for the lux)?
The Sieger bi-folds are the slimmest doors in the world to date.

What is the benefit of bi-folds?
The maximised opening, especially for smaller areas can be a great solution to almost fully open a space.

Are they easy to maintain?
They are very easy to maintain as they require almost no maintenance at all – e.g. - we would only recommend hoovering the track to ensure the brush bar stays clean to allow the doors to slide seamlessly

Where are they made?
The Sieger® Bi-folding doors are manufactured in Britain, in our factory, in Amersham. These are fabricated bespoke to each project specification.

What type of glass do you use?
Typically, we use 4 or 6mm toughened outer/ 20mm argon filled cavity / 4 or 6mm toughened inner with low e coating.

Are there different handle options?
There are different types of bifold door handles which are dependant on the range chosen, which can be powder coated any RAL colour.  All options and colours are on show at The Sky House Design Centre.

What colour frames do you have?  
There are 204 RAL colours to choose from, with additional specialist finishes.

To speak to a technical expert regarding your project you can book a viewing here at the Sky House Design Centre.  Before you make your booking have a look at our other exhibitors and we can arrange appointments with them on your behalf.

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