A triumphant turnout at our 10 year anniversary event

27 February 2024

10 years of Sky House

The journey of transforming the 40,000 sq ft glazing and interiors showroom commenced on February 14th, 2014, as a modest team from Watford packed their belongings, preparing to transition into the new office space located in Amersham, intended to double as a distribution centre.

Initially, the prospect of renovating the previously derelict warehouse seemed daunting, even to the most ambitious among them, given the magnitude and scope of the task at hand.


Overtime, with much determination and grit, product showroom spaces enabled innovative architectural glazing systems to be installed in situ in a variety of configuration and finishes.  Other brands within the built environment took on the rental of some space, and with continued innovative glazing being installed, such as the floating glass box, the space organically evolved to what has been regarded as the ‘design hub of the Home Counties’.  

Event Highlights

Midday Thursday February 15th, the grand reception pivot door opened welcoming guests into an immersive experience. Upon entry, they were handed floor maps to guide them through the expansive showroom space, setting the stage for a series of three captivating keynote talks delivered from the state-of-the-art auditorium.

Melanie Clear, Clear Architects – 'Building for longevity is sustainable design' 

Melanie, Clear Architects – Building for longevity is sustainable design

Melanie strode confidently to the podium, poised to share her extensive expertise in the realm of the built environment. Armed with compelling evidence, she illuminated that homeowners are actively engaging in the pivotal discourse on climate change. Her insights unveiled a growing trend towards eco-conscious living, exemplified by the thriving emergence of sustainable homes poised to leave an indelible mark for generations to come.

A packed auditorium at Sky House for keynote talks on sustainable design

Fabian Hecker, Zaha Hadid Architects – Award-winning Forest Green Rovers Eco Park Stadium timber keynote

Fabian engaged his audience with a masterfully woven narrative, immersing them in the intricate details of structural design and meticulously researched construction techniques, all centered around the inherent strength and quality of natural timber in architecture of all scales. His dedication not only enriched the broader community but also safeguarded the esteemed heritage of the club. Through a steadfast commitment to ecological sustainability and an unwavering ethos of inclusivity, Zaha Hadid Architects' vision transcends mere functionality, intricately weaving together threads of environmental stewardship and cultural preservation.

Professor Emeritus, Derek Clements Croome – A Multisensory approach to designing healthy buildings

Prof Derek Clements-Croome former CIBSE President and Professor at Reading UC University

Drawing upon a rich tapestry of evidence-based research, Derek's keynote seamlessly connected timber with natural materials and biophilia. He highlighted the profound impact of the immediate environment on productivity and absenteeism, emphasising factors such as views through glass windows, air and lighting quality. By advocating for the integration of biophilic design principles and flexible workspaces, Derek articulated a compelling case for the diverse array of benefits derived from holistic approaches to workplace design.

Avino Atelier timber showroom launch

Timber Atelier Showroom by Avino

Following Fabian's captivating timber case study talk, the eagerly awaited Avino - Timber in Architecture Atelier showroom officially commenced with a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the local MP Sarah Green and Deputy Mayor Dominic Pinkney, marking a significant moment in the event. By this time, the Sky House Design Centre was abuzz with industry professionals from the built environment.

MP Sarah Green at the ribbon cutting ceremony of Avino's Atelier Timber Showroom

Attendees had the opportunity to explore the newly completed timber showroom space, which boasted a range of exquisite features. Timber windows and doors, adorned with a plethora of finishes, adorned the space, promising to complement any interior or exterior scheme.

The timber finishes harmonised seamlessly with verdant foliage and bespoke metals, creating an architectural paradise of materiality that left guests enchanted by the fusion of natural elements and contemporary design.

The celebrations continued with a medley of entertainment, engaging workshops, and insightful panel discussions, keeping attendees enthralled throughout the event. Sky House members took turns leading showroom tours, tantalising guests with culinary delights, and offering immersive simulator experiences alongside high-end audio systems.

The collaborative spirit of the event propelled it to resounding success, owing gratitude to our esteemed keynote speakers and the participation of all who attended.

If you missed the opportunity to join us, you can still experience a showroom tour.  Book an appointment today! info@skyhousedesigncentre.com

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