A Dynamic Project By Technowood

24 November 2022

Technowood creates bold, oversized timber structures.

Technowood' completed works to a private villa in Qatar, incorporates dynamic design features that act as solar shading solutions. The property uses a neutral colour palette to seamlessly blend with its surroundings, includes timber both externally and internally for a cohesive design.

internal and external timber cladding for solar shading

Due to the bespoke nature of the project, specific structural elements were an important part of the brief. Technowood enhanced the angular structure by providing cladding to the building façade, solid forms both internally and externally and huge cantilevered structures.

Cladding from Technowood is used on each side of the building, presenting consistent façade designs from every angle. Surrounding the entire property, Technowood constructed a bespoke fence solution with each panel angled to offer privacy whilst allowing light and views through from certain angles.

timber solar shading solutions on a private villa

The beauty of using Technowood as a building material is the ability to manufacture lightweight, reduced timber solutions. Unsupported beams of this natural material can span up to 12 metres, made possible by only using 2% in comparison to solid timber of the same scale.

A wooden clad pergola forms the car parking space for the owners, providing designated spaces, a continuous design from the house and shading for parked cars. The bespoke nature of the freestanding pergola meant the design followed an asymmetric design with large, overhanging wooden panes.

There are multiple outdoor living spaces surrounding the villa, each one incorporates a pergola system to offer dappled shade and a minimal design. Both freestanding and fixed pergola systems are used, depending on the location and surrounding environment of each system.

external timber cladding solar shading solution

A cantilevered structure creates a striking entryway, incorporating oversized cladding as a design feature to provide continuation from the fence design. The use of cladding enhances the minimally framed glazing and functionality by providing shading to the internal spaces.

Inside the property, the natural colour scheme continues. The indoor swimming pool area sits underneath a large, wood themed structure on the ceiling. The structure forms a large square pattern, with integrated lighting in the slats to follow a minimalistic design. By day, this allows a huge amount of natural light to flow through the space.

technowood - external timber cladding on a private villa

Each of the ground floor windows has oversized wooden slats to form cladding on the outside, again offering privacy whilst still allowing the natural light to shine through.

There are many bespoke elements manufactured by Technowood to fulfil the demanding requirements of this project, each one resulting in unique designs perfectly suited to the environment.

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