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5 November 2014

design buzz for unique kitchen design

IQ Kitchens is one of the youngest companies within the design centre, having only fully broken out into purely contemporary kitchen design this year and already the design buzz is being heard through the interior design sector about this companies unique approach to kitchen design.

Focussing solely on contemporary, high end kitchen design IQ Kitchens are unique in that they do not offer any standard models, no base designs or stepped design formula. Their design service is more akin to interior designers, looking at the space, design wishes of the client and function of the space and creating a unique environment based on those aspects.

Grand Designs, Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms, and Selfbuild and Design Magazines have all taken notice of this new approach to kitchen design offered by IQ Kitchens with the company being featured in all of these magazines in the past month.

A kitchen has to be a fully functional element of a home, it will be used at least twice every day, it will be used by various members of the household and may well be used for entertaining guests as well. All of these aspects of everyday live contribute toward the design of a Kitchen and IQ Kitchens are well versed at creating beautiful yet functional kitchens to suit every home.

By using modern building materials and approaches IQ Kitchens create kitchens that are at the forefront of design and technology, fashioning a design focal point to a home.

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