7 Reasons why Microcement is perfect for your bathroom!

12 June 2023

Firstly, what actually is microcement?

Unless you are a member of the Microcement secret society it is unlikely you would have come across it or heard much about it.

It’s a relatively new to the scene but thanks to Microcements’ seemingly endless number of incredible qualities and characteristics, its popularity has grown exponentially in very short space of time

Microcement is a cement based coating which is mixed with fine aggregates, resins and pigments to provide an exceptionally strong and highly bonded. It has many attributes which makes it a perfect decorative finish for not only your bathroom but virtually all surfaces within reason.

Stunning Seamless finish

Microcement’s signature seamless finish works wonders in bathrooms, creating a beautiful room that feels more spacious and calm where you relax after a long day.

Water and humidity Resistant

It has outstanding resistance to environmental humidity, water vapour and mould, making it the perfect decorative finish for your bathroom. Microcement effectively put an end to virtually all problems caused by damp and mould.


It is extremely tough and durable and highly resistant to scratches, knocks, sunlight making it the perfect choice for heavy footfall areas both at home and in commercial properties.

Statement wall by Signature Walls


It is ultra thin and lightweight, microcement is only 3mm – 3.5mm thick and has outstanding adherence quality. It can be applied to almost any surfaces not just on walls and floors, including sink, bathtub, shower tray and much more.

Easy to clean

Its seamless design means no more huffing and puffing trying to keep the grouting clean. A simple wipe down using a cloth and a neutral cleaner is all that’s needed. Regular cleaning and a professional maintenance service once a year will keep your bathroom looking fresh for years and years.

Anti-slip finish

Bathroom can easily become slippery dangerous which increases the risk of accidents and injuries occurring.

Microcement offers various finishes from smooth to a textured finish which is perfect for creating anti-slip floors for bathrooms Microcement’s anti-slip finish eliminates this problem making your bathroom much safer environment.

Premium material

Simply put, microcement is a premium material which looks and feels high quality. Its extensive list of attributes and characteristics makes it a stand out decorative finish which can’t be matched.  An array of colours and textures can be acjieved. 

The installation process is both labour intensive and requires high level of expertise. From start to finish, the right material and process must be followed and quality checked in order to achieve the exceptional level of finish it requires. It’s essential to have it installed by experienced professionals like Signature Walls.

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