5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Visit The Sky House Design Centre

14 September 2017

1. If you are looking for a cheap fix

The Sky House Design Centre is home to some of the leaders in home design and technology products. Although their products and services can be tailored to most budgets none of the products on show here are ‘cheap’. Every single product and brand within the design centre has been carefully and personally selected to ensure that you are only to encounter high-end, high-quality products at the Sky House Design Centre. So if you are looking for the cheapest possible solution for your project, if the lowest possible cost is your highest priority then the Design Centre is probably not for you.

If you are working on a tight budget be honest and let us know! Every project has a budget and the brands at the Sky House Design Centre will be able to offer advice and guidance to allow you to get the design you want, to fit the budget you require.

2. If you are looking for something ‘off the shelf’

If you are looking for something quick and “off the shelf”, something that everybody else already has then Sky House is probably not a good fit for you as we pride ourselves in bespoke products and services.

Sky House Design Centre adheres to exceptional standards of craftsmanship and design. Our aims are that our products and services should be adapted to an individual's unique needs and tastes. That is why everything is available to be customised in an infinite array of colour, materials, shapes, sizes and fabric options. To ensure that the overall design is seamlessly integrated into your home.

3. If you want to be left to wander

If you want to visit somewhere impersonal, where you are left to wander about with nobody to answer your questions or to advise you on your decisions. Sky House Design Centre is comprised of a talented team of interior designers, garden designs and technical consultants. They can provide comprehensive design solutions for your project in an appointment only consultation personalised to your requirements.

4. If you don’t have time

Our lifestyle showroom covers 20,000 sqft in the Sky House Design Centre, Amersham where you can view intelligent living solutions in relaxed open plan layouts. Everyone who has visited so far has spent longer than they anticipated as they didn’t realise how much there would be to see! To make the most of your visit, dedicate your time carefully as our technical consultants are on hand to assist, inspire and advise you on your projects.

5. If you want a traditional sales pitch

We are here to make a stressful process easier and tailor it to your budget.

Sky House Design Centre brings together a wide collection of products and services to suit all homes to help create a unique and timeless interior. We are not just another showroom or supplier, as design consultants, technical advisors and interior designers we provide bespoke solutions to ensure that the design and furniture match your taste, requirements and budget, creating pieces that fit completely into your lifestyle.

If you still want to visit us or find out more about who is here then please call to arrange an appointment on 01494 722 880 or email us at info@skyhousedesignhouse.com

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