2022 Interior Design Trends: the good and the bad

11 January 2022

Read our advice on which trends are going to be huge this year and which ones you should leave in 2021.

This year we’re looking at a wide range of interior design trends to futureproof your home. We’re saying goodbye to temporary trends that don’t last and welcoming long term trends that are designed to enhance your surroundings for now and the future.

Biophilic Design

Open plan kitchen with large elevations of glazing, natural textures and house plants creating a biophilic design

The first interior design trend set to grow throughout the year is biophilic design. Although this is not a new trend, this year we will see nature inspired objects and textures being used throughout the home in order to forge a stronger connection to nature. This could be seen in the form of natural wood furniture pieces or accents throughout the interior scheme, as well as natural textures such as wool and bamboo. Biophilic design has moved in a new direction, with a focus on sustainability as well as aesthetics.

Oversized Windows

Oversized sliding glass doors creating an indoor outdoor style of living

Along the same lines as biophilic design, floor to ceiling windows are set to become one of the biggest trends this year. Oversized glazing has risen in popularity over the last decade and now that biophilic design is so popular, maximising the natural light is key. With slim framed or completely frameless windows available from IQ Glass, you can capitalise on the light throughout the day to create bright airy spaces. Structural glazing is used to create frameless picture windows, allowing the views to be the primary feature with the extremely minimal glazing design.

Colour & Pattern

Contemporary interior design with patterned wallpaper and coloured accents

In previous years, monochrome and neutral interiors have taken over. Now that homeowners have spent more time in their homes than ever before, there is a huge demand for the reintroduction of colour and patterns to brighten up the interior. Adding an accent colour of bold print can add character without changing the entire design scheme within the home. Try painting or wallpapering one wall of the living space or selecting a few display pieces of a bright or bold colour. We’re saying goodbye to showroom style homes and hello to characterful interiors.

Dual Purpose Rooms

Internal sliding glass doors separating living room from home office

Not so much a trend as a necessity, many rooms in the house now need to have more than one function. The kitchen needs to have space for children to do their homework and the home office needs to double up as a playroom at weekends. Extending is not always possible, but renovating existing rooms to give them a dual purpose is set to become a huge trend in 2022. Think smarter, not harder. Internal glazing can offer flexible solutions to dual purpose rooms and help to create dedicated zones, without breaking up the floorplan. A sliding pocket door could be the ideal solution for homeowners looking for flexible floorplans, as these can slide invisibly into hidden wall cavities hen not needed.

Curved Furniture

Cream boucle curved sofa in an extremely modern style

A trend as old as time, curved furniture has been creeping back in for a couple of years now. Not only is this trend suitable for adding a softer edge to your interior designs, but it can also help to maximise the useable space within the internal living areas. Curved sofas in particular will be seen increasingly more throughout the year, even with curved tables or rounded edges on furniture pieces that would have previously been angular or rectangular shaped.

This extremely modern trend has been picked up by IQ Furniture, who are now offering modern alternatives to traditional sofas. The RICO sofa range is perfect for jumping on this trend, with a soft bend and rounded edges. Not sold? The RICO is on display at the design centre for you to see and experience for yourself before diving head first into this trend.

High Tech Homes

Smart home technology, television screen in bathroom

It’s no surprise that after a turbulent couple of years we want to live an easy life. To enhance the functionality of your home, opt for smart home technology. The technology available from IndigoZest is tailored to meet your individual needs, from smart lighting that can mimic the appearance of an occupied house when you are away, to simple multi room audio.

Smart home systems can be whatever you want them to be and are always created on a completely bespoke basis. No two homeowners are the same and IndigoZest know this, having specialised in smart home automation for many years. Here at Sky House they have a fully functioning exhibitor bay which showcases a number of their systems, as well as a media room for you to immerse yourself in the ultimate home cinema experience.

And now for the trends we want to leave in the past…

All White (or grey) Everything

White walls and minimal interior design with large coloured artwork on display

As beautiful as this can be, it can also feel clinical and sterile. Homes that have all white or grey interiors can feel like they aren’t lived in, or they are there for display purposes only. White walls are timeless and we aren’t suggesting you paint over your crisp white walls, but consider adding artwork or furniture in another colour to add some warmth and personality to your interior design.

White Kitchens

Minimal and modern kitchen design, using warm wood tones and contrasting black surfaces

Possibly the least practical trend in the world, white kitchens are on the decline. Show kitchens in white are fine, but practically a white kitchen is going to get very dirty very quickly. Particularly in large households or those with young children, this trend is not functional and will result in a lot of additional cleaning.

Kitchens can be neutral without having to be white, as proven by Watermark Kitchens who consider functionality as well as style when embarking on a kitchen design project. A wide range of colours, materials and styles are available from Watermark, who will work with you to create a kitchen perfectly suited to you and your household needs. 

To see some of the latest interior design trends in action, book your visit to the showroom.

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