Where can I install a home lift in my house?

23 August 2018

What do you need to consider when choosing a lift

The consideration of a home lift in your project may be a new concept for you. If so it is likely that many questions will arise during the design and planning of the project and the implications of a home lift within the designs.

The most common question that we get asked by visitors to the Design Centre is:

Where can I install a home lift in my house?

We posed this question (and other frequently asked ones) to our resident home lift experts, Gartec UK;

Why should I consider a home lift in my renovation?

One of the main reasons why you would select a home lift for your project is accessibility, especially for those who have mobility problems. You could also be designing a 'lifetime home' which you plan to live in for the rest of your life. Other reasons can be for moving large or heavy items between floors and it focusses on space without compromising on style.

Where can I install a Home Life in my House?

Whatever the reason may be in opting for a home lift, it is very important to choose the right space.

Analysing the amount of space you have available will allow you to assess the size and capacity of a lift. There is no limitation to the options available to you in terms of size and design you choose to fit into your home, with the smallest lift available as an option of approximately the size of a wardrobe.

The below are potential factors to consider when selecting a lift within your home however the Gartec Home team are here to help if you require any advice and guidance on where you can fit your lift.


You need to carefully consider where you will want the lift to appear on each floor. The access to the lift on each floor should be in a public/communal area of the house (i.e not directly into a bathroom for instance!). If you require a specific lift size then you need to make sure it fits into the area you require.

A space on each landing will need to be made for the lift to move through. Every lift requires a hole in each landing ranging between a maximum required space of 1505mm x 1730mm and the smallest being 910mm x 870mm.

Door Space

Every lift requires a lift door which closes and opens for access to the lift cabin. The space outside the door would need to offer a large enough space for a wheelchair user to use. A turning circle of 1500mm is recommended for commercial projects or public spaces. On residential projects, you should consider what the lift will be used for and by whom. You will need to allow for enough space on the outside of the lift for the doors to open outwards and the user to access the internal lift.

Above the Lift

GartecHome installs lifts to the highest standard possible. Machinery and fixing points are not required above the lifts. All we need is for the frame, upper panels and the height of the door to be allowed for, which is normally about 2.5m above the floor.

Below the Lift

There are 2 ways in which home lifts can be installed:

  • For the home lift to sit flush with the floor, a pit of approximately 50mm is required below the lift and finished floor level.
  • Alternatively, a ramp of 50mm can be installed allowing the attachment points to join with the floor.

The lowest floor level for the lift would need to be level and able to support the lift while moving to the upper floor. For this reason, a floating floor or mezzanine is not recommended. GartecHome work with our clients to ensure the lift fits their specific requirements and needs so if required we will try and work around this if requested.

Attachment Points

Home lifts only require floor fixing points and brackets for the higher level as Gartec provide the lift with a shaft. This means that larger supports and dramatic fixings are not required.

We also work with lifts supported by staircases on many projects if requested.

The wall can be used as a support point if required, allowing the lift to be hidden and tucked away neatly or even against the wall.


The space you use in installing the lift is very important so this would need to be considered carefully. Perhaps you are thinking about replacing an unused boring corner with a lift or even a small unused cupboard hidden away. Or you can even place the lift in the middle of the room for easy accessibility.

The design is just as important as the function so the colour scheme would need to be considered. This should tie in with the overall design and decor of your home - remember the design and colour will always stay the same whilst going through each floor. So the more complicated a design of the lift is, the more complicated it would be to maintain this.

If you would like your very own bespoke lift fitted then the Gartec Home team are happy to help with choosing the perfect one for your home. You can either give us a call on 01494 722 880 or email us at info@skyhousedesigncentre.com.


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