What Do You Need to Know About Staircase Design?

30 March 2017

Which Staircase Design Will Best Suit Your Home?

Staircases can be a very important part of your interior design as they are one of the most used items in your home and so you want to make sure that it goes well with the rest of the home. When thinking of staircase design it is very easy to just think of the standard straight stair design which is popular in many homes.

However, with a wide range of shapes and styles available made from a variety of materials you are able to create a bespoke staircase that will wow those who enter your home.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the shape and style, this includes how often the stairs will be used. If they are going to be used quite often then it may be better to create a wider and more generous staircase. You will also need to consider the space above and below the staircase as this can be reduced or expanded depending on the shape. A straight staircase will take up more space in the room below but less space upstairs whereas a spiral staircase uses less space below and more above due to the square or circular opening needed.

Spiral UK can provide a range of shapes including straight, spiral and helical. Straight staircase designs are ideal for more traditional aesthetics with narrow hallways and can provide extra storage space below. You are able to adapt a straight staircase by including a winder which creates a curved appearance at the top of the stairs onto your landing space.

This straight staircase can also be made with a solid well, closed well or open well. This style of staircase is more likely to be placed in a wider space and for homes with a much higher first level as three sets of stairs are involved. Spiral staircases are perfect for spaces that are much tighter and for those who want their staircase to be the main feature. Similar to the spiral staircase is a newel or winder staircase. Newel staircases include a central pole or support column that supports the handrail of a banister.

Winder staircases are a straight flight of stairs that curve around a corner which could save space as there is no need for a landing. Although spiral stairs are very modern and could be the perfect feature for your home it is important to think about whether these stairs are logical for your home. If you know large objects are going to be moved from each floor then this shape might not be best for you.

Helical staircases twist up to the top but without a central newel like in a spiral staircase. Spiral UK can build this shape so it has an oval or elliptical form. This type of staircase requires a wider floor area than a spiral but can be much more aesthetically pleasing.

After deciding on the shape and style you prefer, you can then think about the materials you would like to use to create this staircase. Spiral UK can provide staircases in timber, glass, concrete, steel and stone. They are also able to provide balustrades to go with your desired staircase design. Balustrades are the best way to ensure safety when the stairs are in use.

If you would like to know more about staircase design then contact Spiral UK by calling them on 01480 301 102 or emailing them at info@spiral.uk.com . You can also book an appointment for a showroom visit at the Sky House Design Centre to see what Spiral UK have to offer. To book this visit call us on 01494 722 880 or email us at info@skyhousedesigncentre.com .


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