The Use of Timber in Modern Home Design

15 February 2018

How to make timber an integral part of the modern home.

Timber has always played a part in creating a stunning architectural building where prefabricating houses in timber began over 60 years ago and is now the norm in many parts of the world. In more recent years, timber-related technology has emerged as one of the more interesting building materials used for small and large scale timber housing projects around the world, with demand for timber rising exorbitantly. Not only does it provide a beautiful landscape, is an efficient use of a renewable material it also offers a low carbon solution and long-term performance.

Before PVC was introduced, timber was the most popular material in the window industry and still is in the UK. Timber framing provides a natural effect rather than the metal or plastic aesthetic that you would get with UPVC or Aluminium. The UK is currently experiencing a growth in the popularity of timber windows and doors which is set to continue long after 2019. This is mainly because the wood frames are both contemporary and eye-catching, looking stunning in properties and architectural projects.

Carminati Skyline

Whether you’ve had timber windows and doors in the past or you're considering them for the first time, the process of modernising your home with timber can be very daunting. If you are looking for a long-lasting, contemporary design IQ Glass would be the best place to start. IQ Glass offer an exclusive range of Carminati doors and windows. The timber doors are designed in Italy and are perfect for luxury architectural projects. The frames are available in either; Pine or Oak with a profile of only 60mm wide and offer the latest architectural trends with fantastic performance. There is a range of glazing options available as part of the Carminati system. A timber panel can be integrated into the structure of the door to create a solid door. Carminati Skyline windows offer an ingenious integration into your home, matching perfectly with Carminati doors and provide a fantastic level of thermal insulation with a UF Value as low as 1.1 W/m2K along.

Carminati Skyline Doors

Timber Cladding

Timber cladding would be the next place to look to integrate timber into the design of your project. Timber cladding comes in a variety of styles and is arguably one of the most versatile and diverse building materials. Timber cladding can be leveraged in both interior and exterior projects. The main reason why many architects look to specify timber is down to the distinct shapes and patterns that can be created, which would simply be too difficult to replicate naturally in another material. Exterior Solutions Limited is able to design and deliver a luxurious and seamless look to your home regardless of whether it’s for your interior or exterior.

Timber Flooring

Choosing the right type of floor material for your home is not the easiest choice when designing a modern home. Timber flooring is very easy to clean, maintain and is eco-friendly, as wood is a natural insulator it also helps to keep heat in. Timber flooring also makes a fabulous investment as it will last a lifetime whereas a carpet tends to last between 7 and 9 years. Timber flooring is available in a number of unique finishes, styles and designs from Exterior Solutions which will be sure to add value and beauty to your home.

Timber Flooring

Timber Kitchens

Your kitchen is one of the main focal points of your property and so it makes sense to carefully consider the materials you specify. Wood is the perfect material for a busy kitchen as it is both water and heat resistant. Timber kitchens also provide character and warmth. Watermark Kitchens can provide you with a bespoke contemporary kitchen which will complement the look of your modern timber home with a wide selection of colours and finishes to choose from.

Timber Kitchen

Timber Staircases

Your staircase is going to have to cope with a steady amount of footfall over its lifetime. So it is very important to ensure that the staircase you specify is safe for use and is included in any of your plans or designs. Wood is also a lighter material which means the amount of stress being placed on the supporting floor is lessened and is perfect for tall staircases. In direct contrast, concrete is a heavier material and will likely require additional support. Spiral UK has a wide assortment of finishes available for your timber staircase design to match your current interior. A wooden staircase also helps to bring a sense of the outdoors in.

Timber Staircase

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