Oak tread cantilevered straight stair

21 February 2019

Floating staircase to a new family home in Cornwall

This newly built residential property in Cornwall was designed with large glazing systems to allows as much light as possible to fill the large internal living spaces. To maintain the light and airy feel within the rooms, Spiral UK was commissioned to design an elegant yet minimalistic staircase. The oak tread cantilever straight stair fits easily into the surroundings and is the main focal point when entering this family home. The staircase leads visitors up from the entrance of the property to the upper floor open-plan living spaces.

Oak tread cantilevered staircase

This staircase was designed to create a 'floating' appearance which allowed light to continue to flow through the space. The straight staircase was designed with the bottom few steps leading off at an angle. These bottom steps are attached to a glass stringer on either side leading to a 'rest level' where the stairs change direction following the direction of the wall. From the rest level leading to the first-floor landing, one side of the steps was concealed within the wall finishes to provide that 'floating' look.

The solid European oak treads give a subtle colour to the room, due to the warm tones it possesses. The homeowners decorated the room with beach landscapes and a bright blue sofa, these finishing touches pulled all the interior design elements together with the blue sofa complimenting the blue sea water and the sandy shoreline matching the tones on the wooden steps.

Bespoke Staircase Design

Spiral UK designed, manufactured and installed this bespoke contemporary staircase to this Cornwall home. This cantilevered staircase was the perfect design for ensuring the maximum amount of light could flow throughout the room.

The staircase measured an outstanding floor to floor height of 2971mm featuring 15 risers. The balustrade that followed the staircase from the ground floor up was manufactured from toughened glass with stainless steel boss fittings, a satin polished handrail followed the glass balustrade along the stairs and up along the balcony.

oak tread staircase by Spiral UK

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