How to Work With A Bespoke Kitchen Designer?

18 October 2019

It’s an exciting process for a client when remodelling their kitchen and it takes a lot of time and effort to make sure you get it right. Using a specialist company like Watermark, with their extensive knowledge and years of experience in designing bespoke kitchens, will ensure you give your client exactly what they want within a realistic timeframe.  Read on for an overview of the steps taken when working with Watermark Kitchens.


The first step to making all your client's kitchen dreams a reality! This is where your client will have the most input as Watermark will be able to ask all the right questions to get a clear idea of what your client wants and maybe what they didn’t even know they wanted. Asking relevant questions for example; What is the kitchen used for? Thinking about the kitchen's purpose is a great way to start. Does your client like to cook? Do they need space for dinner parties? Is it a family room?  This is only one of the many questions to get a real idea of the client’s lifestyle and with technology ever-evolving, there may even be a few options they had never even heard of. This is also where Pinterest can come in handy.

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The second step is where all your ideas come to life and Watermark supply you with a full design package which includes 3D renders, elevations and plans.  Creating precise presentations in a 3D format is a game-changer, not every client will understand the intricacies of a complex 2D blueprint and so having a 3D rendering service included makes the whole process a lot smoother.


Make your kitchen feel more coherent by subtly linking finishes, for example, pairing the brass legs of your bar stools to the taps or handles of your cabinetry.  There is a lot to consider when deciding on the specifications of a kitchen, but with the experience, Watermark has endured over the years you won’t have to spend unnecessary amounts of time making these decisions on your own.  Watermark will be able to narrow down your options drastically as they would have already considered the durability needed, materials to use etc... Which coincide with your clients' lifestyle and use of the kitchen.


Watermark Kitchens project manage the install from start to finish, ensuring everything is finished to the highest standards so you can feel completely relaxed whilst they work their magic.


At this point your client is ecstatic and their kitchen is ready to use! Watermark provide a handover pack with all manuals and guarantees included.

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