Gartec Case Study: Brighton

11 April 2018

Gartec Solutions were commisioned to design and install a gorgeous lift enhancing the style of the living space whilst ensuring mobility for the homeowner is swiftly done hassle free.

Kyla, an environmentally conscious homeowner in Brighton, wanted to adapt her new home for access and improve the sustainability of her property. Having wheelchair accessibility in place was Gartec's first priority to get the access Kyla needed.

Kyla, the homeowner of this property commented: "The project was to renovate a four storey Victorian terraced home to make it fully wheelchair accessible for myself" 

Kyla got in touch with Bright Green Homes LLP, who were the design manage-build company for the renovations, and Citizen Architects.

Alex Hunt, the Project Manager from Bright Green Homes, commented: "We were approached by Kyla to advise on making her new home more energy efficient and sustainable as well as fully accessible. When Kyla found a 4 storey period property in the heart of Brighton she was determined we would make it her dream house."

The Home Lift

Bright Green Homes contacted Gartec to inquire about a platform lift for inside the home. Matt Akerman, the Home Lift Manager at Gartec, recommended their Aritco 6000 home lift as it had all the features needed for accessibility and sustainability:

  • Wheelchair suitable platform sizes
  • No large machinery or pit space - small footprint
  • 2-day installation to fit the schedule
  • Energy efficient - less than a kettle to run

Alex, the Project Manager, commented: "We enjoyed working with Gartec; once we had ironed out a few wrinkles we were able to have everything prepared for Gartec to fit the lift on time and on budget. Gartec has always worked hard to provide great service".

The lift was a vital addition and meant Kyla could fully enjoy the house: "If the lift wasn't here, I wouldn't be here!".

Aritco 6000 is a residential lift suitable for almost any setting providing a functional and wheelchair user-friendly feature with availability in a range of styles and designs according to the client. This can carry, on average, up to 5 people.

The Installation

Bright Green Homes managed the project from start to finish - from re-designing the garden to removing structural walls, creating the void for the lift, installing new stairs, windows, electrics, 2 bathrooms & heating, rainwater harvesting system, flooring, and fire alarm/smoke curtain system.

Gartec fitted the lift in two days around all the other works going on - Kyla gave us her thoughts: "The installation was smooth and efficient. When the lift was installed, it was the complete part of the house so really brought it together. The orientation was meant to be lengthwise, but Matt Akerman problem solved effectively."

Gartec UK put forward a design that incorporating the client's aspiration whilst fulfilling the stingiest specification requirements. The lift is finished in white with the front glazed panel as part of the design allowing plenty of light to pass through. This sleek, spectacular lift is situated in the living room of the building enhancing the aesthetic of this building.

The Results

Bespoke Home Lift Design by Gartec

Kyla said: "I value social, inclusive spaces, and the house is an excellent example. Having the lift makes it possible for me to enjoy the character of a Victorian home, with square footage you wouldn't find otherwise".

Key management from Bright Green Homes brought it all together at the right times - Matt Akerman, Home Lift Manager, made a final comment: "The lift blends in really well and we're proud to be part of the project. Bright Green Homes were great to work with and have created the home Kyla wanted in a tight space - quite an achievement!"

Gartec has taken consideration of the existing architecture design and conditions, as well as meeting the customers request in duration meeting the needs of both the performance and budget.

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