• Technowood is a revolutionary new must-have product in the UK construction industry, built for tomorrow.  This patented system is for an aluminium or GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) substrate, which is coated in a completely natural timber veneer.  This system uses 98% less wood whilst being 100% natural and free from chemicals, which makes this product the most sustainable and environmentally friendly of its kind.

    You can find the Technowood product list here of which are all developed to provide bespoke solutions with a vast range of application requirements.

  • Be unlimited in your designs with Technowood allowing you to create projects that would be impossible with 100% natural wood.  The aluminium and glass fibre reinforced polyesters form a robust and stable structural substrate which is then coated in a thin layer of natural wood to give the aesthetic and natural feeling of timber desired.  The colour palette consists of 5 colours as standard with optional specific colour production for orders of above 1000 linear meters. Technowood applications include cladding, pergolas, furniture, sunshades and more.

  • Technowood with aluminium provides higher fire insulation mandatory for buildings of 21.5 metres in length or higher with its A2 class fire resistance. Other benefits include but are not limited to; aluminium being low density, being light and durable which works well in aircraft and aerospace technologies, corrosion-resistant, flexible, easy to recycle and having a very long life span in almost every condition.

    Technowood with GRP is a product with extreme longevity and resistance, the refinement of natural wood and minimal maintenance. GRP has many benefits such as, but not limited to; being environmentally friendly, recyclable, easy to repair, high dimensional stability, easy handling of big pressures and loads, perfect elasticity and lightness.  

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