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Ultra slim minimal windows® sliding window and door systems

  • IQ Glass is the sole UK provider of Keller minimal windows®, slim framed glazing systems that are designed to push architectural boundaries. The sliding glass systems are perfect for creating full glass façade designs, making a striking impact and seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor environments.

  • The minimal windows® sliding door systems can reach impressive heights and widths and have been extensively tested to withstand high wind loads, rainfall, and extreme climates. With the 4+ triple glazed system specifically engineered to withstand hurricane conditions, there is no climate or country where minimal windows would not be suitable.

    Available in a plethora of configurations including open corner, bi-parting with as many panes as required. 

    The NextGeneration Slider (NGS) View offers the slimmest framed profiles of sliding glass doors absorbing 99.3% of the frame including the head and the base. 

  • The beauty of having such a high glass to frame ratio is the ability to flood internal living spaces with natural light, never detracting from the surrounding interior design thanks to the extremely minimal design. The attention is in the detail with these sleek sliding systems, as evidenced by the completely flush threshold detail and concealed handle option

  • As well as NGS sliding glass doors, minimal windows has developed an exceptionally slim pivot door that only reveals its bespoke nature when opened. The pivot door is perfect for filling large structural openings without compromising on modern performance values, with large sizes within reach. In addition, minimal sliding sash windows are available and can be specified in a vertical arrangement to make a bold statement.

  • minimal windows are perfect for new build homes, adding a luxury touch to any residential or commercial property. As the glazing systems are exceptionally minimal, they can be used in conjunction with structural glazing for a coherent glazing design.

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