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  • The IQ Ingresso range of entrance doors combines high levels of strength and security with contemporary aesthetics. These entrance doors are manufactured with a reinforced steel core that is dressed in a range of materials including timber, lacquered glass, metallic panels and bespoke designs.

    Within the Ingresso range, there are two Apertio Entrance Doors; the Apertio Solid and the Apertio Glass. Both of these doors provide high-performance values in terms of security and weather protection; however, the Apertio Glass can be finished in a range of glass options whereas the Apertio Solid can be finished in a range of materials including timber and lacquered glass, which are available in a whole choice of colours.

  • The door finishes are a key aspect within the design of the Ingresso Entrance doors, as the finishes of the internal face can be different from the exterior face. This enables the external face to have a traditional finish, whereas the interior can be designed in keeping with super contemporary home interior designs. This is especially ideal for properties located within conservations areas when the external façade of buildings needs to be designed to strict regulations.

    The Apertio Glass Entrance Door provides homeowners with an ‘all-glass entrance’. This front door can be installed within glass façade designs to continue this highly glazed aesthetic. The other doors within the range, the Apertio solid and the Belgravia can both be installed with glazing surrounding the door, as sidelights or as transom glazing.

  • All the doors in the Ingresso range can be finished with a choice of ironmongery options and locking options for bespoke designs suited to each property. The choice of locking options includes fingerprint recognition, smartphone app, keypad locking and a key card locking system.

    The Belgravia Entrance Door is designed in the style of the no.10 Downing Street front door, a highly robust and traditional aesthetic, however, many colours and designs are available to choose from. One key element of this design is the ability to have a traditional external finish with a highly modern interior, without compromising on security.

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