The Spruce Features Cubic Outdoor Kitchens

8 June 2021

“The best outdoor kitchens on Instagram”

The Spruce is an online publication, best known for their handy design advice articles and brand recommendations. From interior design to garden and outdoor living, The Spruce have got real-life tips and tested tricks to make your home its best.

Outdoor kitchen in a minimal table design

When they wrote a feature showing readers the 13 best outdoor kitchens on Instagram, they chose Cubic Outdoor Kitchens to represent the perfect minimalist outdoor kitchen. The Instagram feed (which can be found at @cubic_outdoor_kitchens) was described as the minimalists dream and although it is relatively new, has made quite an impact already.

BBQ grill with log storage in minimal outdoor design

The outdoor kitchen range includes an outdoor pantry system, granting homeowners the ability to completely tailor their outdoor kitchen to their individual needs. There are a range of integrations that can be specified within the outdoor kitchen and minimal pantry design, including weathertight storage, built in dishwashers and hot taps.

Outdoor pantry system in swimming pool area

The bespoke designs combine functionality with minimal designs, offering homeowners the chance to create the perfect outdoor living space this summer. One of the main advantages to an outdoor kitchen with built in storage and appliances is that it eliminates the need for constant travel between indoor and outdoor environments, thus making it perfectly suited to people who like entertaining.

Minimal outdoor kitchen design with built in storage

The outdoor kitchen range is on display at the design centre, along with a range of outdoor fire solutions to complete the garden design. To book an appointment and experience the systems for yourself, contact us.

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