The Latest Staircase Designs for a Modern Interior

21 January 2019

The staircase is often the first thing that people see when visiting a house or home. Making sure this important aspect of interior design is in keeping with your interiors will go a long way to creating that ‘wow’ factor straight from the hallway of a house.

Take a look at some of the latest bespoke staircase designs to get inspiration for your own modern interior.

A Spiral of Marble

This bespoke spiral staircase was the key feature to the double height entrance room to a barn conversion in Cornwall. The spiralling stair treads were manufactured from Botticino Italian marble which added an instant feeling of luxury to the staircase design.

The light colouring of the marble staircase matched the light palette of the interior design and worked well with the more textured timber accents within the interior doors and glazed entrance elevation.

The spiral staircase wound around a central steel pillar and was lined with a glass balustrade design topped with a stainless-steel handrail. This glass balustrade structure (which continued on the upper floor landing) allowed natural light to travel from the largely glazed entrance elevation to the interior spaces.

In fact, the homeowners of the project said “We are so pleased with our spiral staircase, it looks really stunning! Together with the matching floor and the glass balcony areas it really enhances the light airy nature of our home.”

A Staircase of Timber and Glass

Bespoke Staircase Design

To draw light from the above windows and rooflights this project opted for staircase which maximised light travel. The staircase was designed with ‘open risers’ which means the space between each stair tread was open, allowing light to travel through. This was mixed with a frameless structural glass balustrade design which allowed even more light travel.

The cantilevered staircase design used timber stair treads which were cantilevered from the wall on the upper flight and supported by steel and glass on the lower flight. The resulting design makes the staircase look like it is ‘floating’ with no visible supporting methods.

A Concrete Spiral for a Tight Space

Using concrete in your staircase design is a brilliant way of bringing more texture and industrial design to your interior. This spiral staircase used stair treads made from pre-cast concrete that was polished and finished with a ‘white fair face’ finish. It spirals from the upper-level living spaces to the downstairs bedroom areas on this reverse level holiday home in Cornwall.

The concrete staircase design works well with the more rustic interior of the barn conversion with stone flooring, exposed stone and timber-framed glazing.

Luxury Staircase with Sculpted Timber Handrails


The beauty of a bespoke staircase design is that it is created in keeping with your interior design. This staircase used a mixture of materials including a beautifully sculpted handrail which curved around all floors of the staircase and landings.

The solid staircase structure was finished in white with matching slim balustrade elements that support the timber handrail. The underside of the staircase was finished smoothly so that it looked beautifully crafted no matter what angle you looked at it from.

More Staircase Designs…

All of these bespoke staircase designs were created by Spiral UK, specialist staircase designers based here at Sky House Design Centre. If you would like to see more staircase designs just make an appointment to visit their showcase at Sky House which shows many of the staircase designs mentioned here.

If you would like further advice about the staircase for your project just get in touch with Spiral UK who will be happy to offer advice and guidance, from cost to design. You can find all of their contact details on their exhibitor page here: Spiral UK

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