New Home Cinema Showroom

19 February 2018

We have built our home cinema room from scratch with a fresh new look and contemporary new features for homeowners seeking a slice of modern bespoke home technology.

Home Cinema Design by IQ Furniture

The IQ Furniture home cinema showroom is based in the Sky House Design Centre and showcases a live home cinema room set up with an impressive entertainment system, demonstrating a wide range of designs and products available.

Those of you thinking about converting a room or upgrading your current set up then our brand new showroom is here to provide you with inspiration and design ideas. The showroom features the latest technology in Dolby Atmos Surround Sound, a Smart Lighting System and acoustic treatment to offer the home cinema experience you have always been dreaming of.

IQ Furniture Home Cinema Design

Instead of reading a product specification, your eyes and your ears are the best instruments available- especially when looking to build your own home cinema. The intention of our Home Cinema showroom is to demonstrate what is possible and what can be achieved in your home providing inspiration and a 'real life' example. When you visit the showroom we will happily talk you through as much or as little as you want as we know it can be quite overwhelming. 

Within the Home Cinema room is a Bar/Reception area that is sure to catch your eye - the stunning lighting and sound is carefully incorporated to provide you with an authentic cinema experience.

Home Cinema Design by IQ Furniture


The whole room has been integrated with the latest in-home technology and offers a stunning memorable experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you would like to visit the Home Cinema Showroom at the Sky House Design Centre in Amersham.

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