Create Drama With Double Height Space

2 June 2016

Properties with double-height spaces are an opportunity for architects and interior designers to create drama

There is a huge pressure on homeowners and architects in making the most of the properties square footage. Therefore the compromise always ends up being double-height spaces. 

Given that London is a city where more floor space is what everyone wants, to deliberately give up space to add height seems like property madness. However, double heights don’t waste space, they make space. In many ways it is the perception of space rather than a measurement that defines how a home feels.

Properties with double-height spaces are an opportunity for architects and interior designers to create drama. Here are some projects that really have the architectural wow factor.

The effect of height, especially double-height space, is often underestimated in interior design. This is why the best interiors in top-end contemporary homes now feature the soaring drama of entrance halls or living rooms with ceilings that top 30ft.

Arkitexture – Two Barns House, Poland

Double height spaces add desired architectural design to any part of the house, especially in the hallway with a statement staircase. Using this space to create the double height reduces the amount of useable space lost.

Using frameless glazing in the hallway allows the natural light to reflect around the room creating a light filled, spacious entrance way. A double height hallway feature creates a dramatic space to the home without compromising too much on space.

IQ Glass UK – Beechcroft – Private Home

Fill your double height space with architectural design using large panes of structural glazing and frameless glass balustrades to the staircase. Natural light is the key to creating a dramatic entrance to a property.

These dramatic double height rooms really are flooded with light and that is what people love. Great walls are a fabulous place for hanging interesting art, large light fittings, or displaying a library of books.

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