Choosing Internal Doors

20 April 2016

There are numerous options available in order to achieve the latest look with internal doors

Internal doors play such a huge role in the look and feel of your home, it’s surprising that so many people forget. Nonetheless, changing your internal doors can really help transform your home. Co-ordinating your internal doors with your decor can really help enhance the interior design but can be very difficult.

There are numerous options available in order to achieve the latest look with internal doors. 

Internal doors from can transform the way a room appears into something interesting and compelling and even daring. The tricky element when choosing internal doors is when you are trying to make the internal doors work within a certain theme or interior. Choosing finishes that compliment and don’t jar is pretty hard with a door because it takes up such a large area in a room. 

“There is continuously the chance that you will overdo it, but keeping it simple and adhering to the three colour rule will most likely work.” 

Don’t be afraid to include more than one door design and finish depending on where the doors are in the house.

Mondrian internal system

The Mondrian internal system

A brand new internal door system installed at Sky House is guaranteed to appeal to a large number of designers, creating an industrial design to these internal openings. The Mondrian internal system is a contemporary art deco internal door solution that recreates the art deco appearance of loft glazing with slim frames and bespoke glazing bar designs applied.

The slim framing sections are combined together to create large expanses of glass screens with integral doors that are available as sliding, bi folding or pivoting. This system is perfectly suited for use as internal partitioning where a modern industrial or ‘loft style’ interior design scheme.

The horizontal and vertical transom bars can be applied into the glass screen and door construction to create that cross-hatched art deco appearance. Sometimes internal doors are required to be fire rated for building regulations to ensure safe escape from a building in the event of a fire.

Minimal fire rated door designs are scarce however the new Lunax fire rated door installed at the Sky House Design Centre is the perfect solution for residential designs. The full glass door has no frame for a minimal finish and is tested to a fire rating of 30/30.  

Visit the Sky House Design Centre to see the contemporary internal doors in person or contact Sky House Design Centre for more information about internal doors:

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