Aritco by Gartec

Bespoke Home Lifts

Award winning minimal platform lift design

  • Aritco is an award winning minimal platform lift design available from Gartec in the UK. The bespoke home lift design is used on modern home design projects all over the world.

    Established 20 years ago, with the simple idea of improving mobility everywhere. Today you will find Aritco lifts in more than 30,000 buildings and private homes around the world and most importantly the Sky House Design Centre.

    Gartec are UK specialist's in home lift design and installation and are able to provide your home design project with a fully designed and integrated Aritco home lift.

  • Simplicity, quality and innovation are the hallmarks of everything Aritco and Gartec do and we are privileged to have them showcasing at the Sky House Design Centre. Gartec are constantly seeking new ways to improve their products, both in terms of their environmental impact and quality, and their design and user friendliness. Safety and reliability are top priorities, and therefore follow Europe’s strictest quality and safety standards.

  • All their bespoke lifts maintain the highest level of quality in every stage of the process, from design to installation in your home. Aritco bespoke home lifts are designed by Gartec with your home in mind, taking into consideration that every home is unique.

  • Aritco’s revolutionary residential platform lifts system combine style and functionality for any house or apartment, whether you are looking for future proofing your home or simply enjoy the modern living. Thanks to the unique screw and nut technology, Aritco home lifts are space efficient and do not require a separate machine room or pit.

  • If you are looking for minimal, contemporary home lifts for your home then a visit to Aritco’s showroom at Sky House Design Centre is a must. Contact us to make your appointment today. 

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